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Pharmacology Rand Medal for top scientist

image-tools (24)CERA Executive Director of Research Professor Greg Dusting has received the 2011 Rand Medal for his outstanding contribution to pharmacology.

The medal, awarded by the Australasian Society of Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists, is the most prestigious award that the Society can grant.

On receiving the award, Professor Dusting also presented the Rand Lecture at the Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting.

Professor Dusting has been an influential contributor to cardiovascular pharmacology and has helped to shape our understanding of the way blood vessels contribute to disease processes.

His research has formed the basis for several patents for new drugs, improved existing drugs and created novel therapies to manage severe cardiovascular disease.

Among Professor Dusting’s many achievements, is his contribution to the award of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Professor Sir John R. Vane.

Professor Dusting joined CERA as its inaugural Executive Director of Research in September, a role which carries the dual responsibilities of guiding CERA’s research direction and growing its basic science portfolio.

Professor Dusting is a Principal Research Fellow of the National Health & Medical Research Council and a Professor of Pharmacology and Surgery at the University of Melbourne. Over 30 years he has published more than 220 papers which have attracted over 5000 citations in medical and scientific literature.

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