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Glaucoma training gets the 'i' treatment

image-toolsIn a world-first, CERA researchers have launched a free iPad training application to help eye-care practitioners assess their glaucoma diagnostic skills.

The Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy Evaluation (GONE) App will help practitioners hone their skills in optic nerve evaluation, a key factor in glaucoma diagnosis and management.

The App, a mobile version of the GONE training website, asks participants to grade characteristics and score glaucoma likelihood on a series of disc photographs. Once complete, the participant can compare their ratings with those of an international panel of glaucoma subspecialists.

CERA Ophthalmologist Associate Professor Michael Coote said the GONE App aims to increase the rate of accurate glaucoma diagnosis.

“Glaucoma can be difficult to diagnose and clinically manifest cases are often missed,” Associate Professor Coote said.

“Diagnosing early glaucoma is best achieved by assessing the structure and function of the optic nerve and nerve fibre layer yet identifying these subtle changes can be tricky.”

“The App aims to highlight the sometimes subtle characteristics of glaucoma and give practitioners greater confidence to diagnose glaucoma and refer patients to specialists.”

Australian optometrists who complete the program will benefit from two Continued Professional Development (CPD) points on completion of the assessment. Best of all, it’s free, and gives participants instant feedback.

The GONE Project is a collaboration between CERA, the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and the University of Melbourne. The GONE App was developed by software company, Specialist Apps Ltd and is supported by Allergan Australia.

Find out more about the GONE iPad App.