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Scholarship awarded for promotion of eye donation

Corneal Transplant Coordinator Adrienne Mackey has been awarded a Janette Hall Professional Training and Development Scholarship.image-tools (22)

Adrienne, who works within the Lions Eye Donation Service, will represent Australian organ and eye donation at a professional training conference in Spain next year.

“The conference brings together international experts to showcase the newest tissue banking practices, share information and professional experience,” Adrienne said.

“There’s also a focus on increasing public support for eye and tissue donation – an important part of any transplant coordinators role,” she said.

“It’s an excellent opportunity and I’m extremely grateful to the Australian Government for their support.”

In Australia, approximately 1700 corneal transplants are performed each year.

The Lions Eye Donation Service provides donor corneas to patients who have sight-threatening conditions and require a corneal transplant.

Since providing its first cornea for transplant in 1991, the Lions Eye Donation Service has helped to restore the sight of more than 10,000 transplant recipients.

The national scholarship program, administered by the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority, is in memory of Janette Hall, a South Australian DonateLife Hospital Senior Nurse who died in December 2010 and became an organ donor.