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Cambodian children see clearly thanks to new spectacles

image-tools (57)Over 12,000 children in rural Cambodia have had their vision tested and glasses provided when needed as a result of a CERA project.

The project was funded by UK-based charity Sightsavers on behalf of the Global Partnership for Education and the World Bank.

Most children with poor vision from refractive error in rural areas of Cambodia do not have glasses to correct their vision.

The aim of the project was to plan and conduct outreach activities for school-based vision screening of children and provide on-the-spot provision of glasses. Over 80 teachers were trained to test vision of children 11-15 years of age.

Professor Jill Keeffe, Head of CERA’s Population Health Unit, said the program was extremely successful.

“The teachers not only did a great job in testing vision accurately, but they exceeded our initial target of 10,000 children,” she said.

Professor Keeffe joined local staff on the ground in Cambodia’s Siem Reap Province to help supervise testing while staff from CERA’s Population Health Unit back in Melbourne pitched in to create the vision testing kits used by in the program.

To see pictures of the CERA team making low vision testing kits, visit our Facebook photo album Making vision testing kits for Cambodia