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Re-seeing the future: How technology may restore vision

image-tools (71)Restoring sight to people with profound vision loss could be closerthan we think, according to researchers presenting at a biotechnologyconference in Melbourne next month.

In this free public forum, “Re-seeing the future: How technology may restore vision”,experts from the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), Stem CellsAustralia and Vision Australia will discuss the latest developments intechnology to restore sight, and what this means for the hundreds ofthousands of Australians affected by vision loss.

“Fromstem cells and laser treatments for macular degeneration, to contactlenses and cell transplantation for corneal damage, many differentapproaches will be required to combat blindness,” said AssociateProfessor Megan Munsie, Head of Education, Ethics, Law & CommunityAwareness at Stem Cells Australia. “This forum will showcase the latestresearch and importantly provide an opportunity for members of thepublic to have their questions answered by the researchers themselves.”

Hostedby 3AW’s Dr Sally Cockburn, the forum will run from 2.30pm-4.00pm onFriday 2 November 2012 at the Melbourne Convention and ExhibitionCentre.

It is the only public event associated withthe AusBiotech conference, Australia’s pre-eminent biotechnologyindustry conference, which runs from 31 October to 2 November.

“Theability to restore or improve sight has the potential to significantlyimprove the quality of life for many Australians,” said ProfessorJonathan Crowston, Managing Director of CERA and Head of Ophthalmologyat the University of Melbourne.

By 2020, some 800,000Australians over 40 are expected to be affected by vision loss.  Onehundred thousand of these will be blind.

“Never hasthere been a more important time to invest in new technologies thatoffer hope for those affected by vision loss,” said Professor Crowston.

“At the Centre for Eye Research Australia, we are increasing our investment in vision regeneration research and I have every confidence that through our partnerships with organisations such as Stem Cells Australia and the newly established National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia, we can continue to make significant advances in our mission to restore sight.”

To book a place at this event, please email cera-rsvp@unimelb.edu.au or call (03) 9929 8142.