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10-16 March is World Glaucoma Week

image-tools (85)CERA’s Managing Director Professor Jonathan Crowston shares an important message of World Glaucoma Week:

As a glaucoma specialist, I see patients every week who have glaucoma but who are getting diagnosed too late. Their sight has been compromised and this is irreversible. There are no effective treatments available at the moment to restore vision in late stage glaucoma.

These are often heartbreaking consultations. There is no greater frustration for me as a doctor than being unable to help patients whose sight I know could have been saved if only they had come to see us sooner. This experience drives my passion for research. We need better solutions for this disease. And, I am pleased to say, our glaucoma research unit is making progress in this respect.

I want to take this opportunity to remind you that regular eye checks are vital for saving your sight if you or members of your immediate family are affected by glaucoma. Glaucoma can be difficult to diagnose and vision is usually lost slowly, so by the time you notice that something is wrong, it can be too late.

I urge you to use World Glaucoma Week as a reminder to book an appointment for a thorough eye exam, especially if there is a history of glaucoma in your family. If you are a glaucoma patient, please make sure you follow you ophthalmologist’s prescribed treatment closely; it is your best defence.

Best wishes,

Professor Jonathan Crowston

Head, CERA Glaucoma Research Unit

Managing Director