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DonateLife Week prompts donation


Volunteers celebrate DonateLife Week

As an eye care nurse, Heather has seen her share of eye issues and witnessed the struggles and visual difficulties that corneal disease causes to individuals and their family members.

“Working at CERA’s Lions Eye Donation Service has literally opened my eyes to the both the needs of Australians waiting for a transplant” says Heather, “and the need to talk about organ donation in an open, ethical and supportive manner.

“DonateLife week has prompted me to chat with my family and friends and ensured that my wishes, on death, are carried out. I also want to make sure that as a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a nurse, I uphold the values and wishes of those I know and love.

“Having worked alongside the eye bank team, I am also humbled to witness the care and support they bestow on the donor families who are faced with the decision to donate, at what must be, a tragic and traumatic time for the family. Without the support of these families, within Australia, our health care providers simply could not provide treatment to those in need of organs and tissue.

“The act of organ donation is personal, and may not be something that everyone wishes to do, but having that option, having that conversation, and knowing the wishes of those around me is important,” says Heather.

Corneal surgery, in Australia, is often the final treatment option for those in the community suffering from issues such as Keratoconus (cone-shape of the cornea), corneal-traumatic damage and other diseases.

DonateLife week is an initiative of the Australian Governments National Reform Program to support the services of organ and tissue donation throughout Australia. To find out more, please visit: www.donatelife.gov.au