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Will you help give people back their sight?

Leila and husbandRight now, research at the Centre for Eye Research Australia is at a really exciting stage – one where curing blindness is within our grasp.

However, we are not there just yet. Please, can you help by making a donation to fund crucial research into curing blindness?

“Mum was always a determined, independent person, but she lost a lot of that when she went blind to age-related macular degeneration,” says Leila Lynton, a trial participant at the Centre for Eye Research Australia.

Lab-grown stem cells are playing an important role in our world-leading Vision Regeneration program.

Dr Alice Pébay, Lead Researcher of our Neuroregeneration Research Group explains. “The first step in restoring sight is to study the diseases that cause blindness to find out exactly what’s going wrong. Obviously we can’t use a living person’s eye, so growing eye cells from stem cells are the ideal alternative.”

The group is using stem cells that mimic diseased eye cells to test drugs that could save or restore sight.

This news is giving people like Leila true hope for the future.

“With my mum I’ve seen what happens when someone goes blind. And now I’m going through some of it myself…the change to my life and independence…it’s really difficult. That’s why I have so much admiration for this sort of research and what it could mean. It could give someone back their sight,” says Leila.

Please donate now to give people the very best chance to get back their sight.

Thank you.