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Future looks bright for stem cell research


Dr Alice Pébay (Photo courtesy of NSCFA)

Principal Investigator of Neuroregeneration, Dr Alice Pébay, was awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Future Fellowship last week, worth nearly $900,000 over 4 years.

The fellowship will allow Dr Pébay to conduct research to better understand the role of lipids in cell fate and development.

“I aim to understand how lipids, which are small molecules fundamental to life, influence how a cell becomes another cell type. This research is critical for studying the fundamental role of a whole class of biological molecules in the very important events that define how an organism will develop,” said Dr Pébay.

This is central to her research on pluripotent stem cells – cells which have the potential to become any other type of cell in the body. By using pluripotent stem cells, this research will give insight into the development of the central nervous system and the eye.