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Oculo helping independent optometrists improve patient care

Oculo together first imageIndependent optometrists will now have access to the Oculo communication platform, enabling better quality eye care for thousands more patients across Australia.

CERA’s spin-out company, Oculo, announced this week a new partnership with Monkey Software, makers of the leading optometry Practice Management System, Optomate. The partnership will enable a secure link between the Oculo and Optomate software platforms to streamline and enhance clinical communications between ophthalmologists and optometrists.

“We want to ensure that Oculo is an inclusive system that facilitates quality care for as many eye patients as possible. We want to make it easy for independent optometrists to join the Oculo network, which already exceeds 1,000 users, 215 ophthalmologists and 400 practices across Australia.” says Oculo’s CEO Dr Kate Taylor.

“Communications through Oculo will also help our optometrist users connect with GPs and other medical specialists,” said Mr Chris Monks, Director of Monkey Software. “This is important both for patient care and to promote the central role of optometry in primary eye care.”