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Dorothea’s 90th birthday gift: $1300 for vital vision research

“CERA’s vision is close to my heart, that’s why I chose donations instead of presents for my 90th birthday”, says Dorothea Carmichael of Brighton, Victoria.

Dorothea with CERA employees Ben Nuttall and Kiera Young

Dorothea with CERA employees Ben Nuttall and Kiera Young

Dorothea has generously made regular donations to CERA at Easter and Christmas for more than ten years. She suffers from macular degeneration which is one of the CERA’s most important research priorities.

“I decided before my 90th birthday that I’d ask my friends to donate to CERA instead of buying presents,” says Dorothea.

“It’s wonderful to have a gift that will go on and help others long into the future.”

Dorothea’s birthday party, held at St Andrews Anglican Church Brighton on 5 November, raised over $1300 for the CERA Foundation and vision research.

This week, the Centre for Eye Research Australia has launched its 2016 Christmas appeal with a focus on Usher Syndrome, a condition for which there is no known cure that affects children attacking their sight.

“Our annual Christmas appeal is very important because it not only alerts the public about the ongoing scourge of eye disease, it is also when everybody has the chance to make a real difference,” Professor Jonathan Crowston, Managing Director of CERA said.

“Gifts to CERA are tax- deductable and go to research projects that can and will change lives for the better,” he said.

Find out more about how to donate to CERA and what amazing research your contribution will fund.