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Podcast: The latest stem cell research developments at CERA with Dr Ray Wong

Dr Raymond C.B. WongIn this short podcast interview Dr Raymond Wong, Head of CERA’s Cellular Reprogramming Unit, talks about the amazing work being done in stem cell research, the scientific challenges being tackled and the future prospects for the study and treatment of Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) disease.

“We are using stem cells to create and model diseases that affect the optic nerve… it is extremely difficult to get optic nerves from the patient,” Dr Wong says.

“So we have come up with a stem cell approach taking skin cells from the patients arm, and using a process called reprogramming we turn them into pluripotent stem cells which have the ability to turn into all types of cells in the body including optic nerve cells.

“The process of reprogramming is not easy and it takes a while, but we have mastered the technique,” Dr Wong says.


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