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Review: How a single molecule may offer protection from loss of vision in glaucoma

Prof Crowston with arms folded, standing next to an eye chart

Professor Jonathon Crowston

CERA’s Professor Jonathon Crowston and Associate Professor Ian Trounce, world-leading experts on glaucoma and mitochondria, have published a perspective article in the 17 February,2017 edition of the prestigious US publication, Science.

Their article is a commentary on a ground-breaking research paper in the magazine by researchers P.A Williams et al. which reveals that mitochondrial dysfunction occurs early in the nerve cell damage in glaucoma, and that dietary nicotinamide (closely related to vitamin B3) shows remarkable protection against the glaucoma nerve damage.

Glaucoma is an eye disease characterised by the progressive loss of retinal ganglion cells.

Associate Professor Trounce said despite not being involved in the research described in the important new paper he and Professor Crowston were delighted to be able to review the findings which in part support some of their own research on mitochondrial dysfunction in glaucoma.

Link to abstract of the article in the 17 February 2017 issue of Science.

Associate Professor Ian Trounce