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PODCAST: Our Values: Agility, Integrity, Unity, and Making a Difference

CERA has revealed its organisational values and in a short podcast CERA’s Head of People Development Julie Todaro explains why they are so important.

“Feedback from staff and students told us they love working at CERA, so last year we embarked on a process to try to define what it was about our culture that people loved,” she said.

Four values were chosen: agility, integrity, unity and making a difference.

CERA Values


Although more-or-less self-explanatory, Julie talks in the podcast about why these were chosen and how they describe our culture.

“Culture is our identity and our values support CERA’s vision and its mission towards what we want to achieve.

“Values are also a form of self-governance and guide us towards making better decisions. Our values also help to bring the right people to CERA,” Julie said.

“I see the values evolving more into our everyday work, they will be more prominent visually and will become an important way of attracting and retaining talent, and will also help guide individual performance”.

Listen to the podcast