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International Clinical Trials Day at CERA: Saving sight, changing lives

CERA’s Clinical Trials Research Centre (CTRC) is celebrating International Clinical Trials Day, held annually on 20 May, with an information booth today in the foyer of the Eye and Ear on-the-Park hospital in Melbourne.

“International Clinical Trials Day is a chance to thank our clinical trials staff, and most importantly our patients without whom our trials would not be possible,” Dr Helen Ormandy, Head of Clinical Operations at the CTRC said.

“All our trials are important because they add to the body of evidence that helps get new drugs and devices registered which can help save peoples sight and change their lives for the better.

“At CERA we have physicians working across a huge range of debilitating eye diseases, who spend time helping to make new drugs and devices translational, moving them from the laboratory into practice,” Dr Ormandy said.

International Clinical Trials Day commemorates James Lind’s ground-breaking trial held 270 years ago, into the causes of scurvy.

“Lind’s experiments in 1747 were run while he was a surgeon on the HMS Salisbury, and the six-day trial consisted of 12 men, grouped into pairs and given a variety of dietary supplements from cider to oranges and lemons.

“The group eating the fruit provided Lind with evidence of the link between citrus fruits and scurvy and revolutionised the way British sailors were fed, and consequently underscored the strength of the British navy during the 19th Century.

“Each year we celebrate Lind’s work and acknowledge the major improvements in health outcomes arising from clinical trials,” Dr Ormandy said.

In many cases, being part of a clinical trial helps patients play an active role in their health care and learn more about treating and managing their condition. They work with doctors and researchers who are experts in their disease or condition.

In 2016, CERA’s Clinical Trials Research Centre, led by Associate Professor and ophthalmologist, Dr Lyndell Lim, conducted 20 Clinical Trials treating over 300 patients with eye diseases.

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