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PODCAST: What are some of the latest advances in glaucoma surgery?

Michael Coote

What are some of the latest advances in glaucoma surgery and what are the main challenges for surgeons working to tackle the disease?

In a fascinating podcast interview,  glaucoma expert Associate Professor Michael Coote  talks about recently introduced technologies and techniques to fix what he calls the ‘plumbing’ of the eye.

“One aspect of glaucoma is a plumbing deal,” says A/Prof Coote.

“We have a certain amount of fluid we need to remove from the eye within a certain pressure tolerance.”

“There are three bits to the problem; you have to get fluid out of the eye; you have to get fluid to traverse the space underneath the surrounding tissue, and then you have to get it absorbed. That’s how the pressure is lowered,” he says.

“To our surprise, we found that distributing fluid and the tissue porosity to allow that to happen ended up being the most difficult problem and the focus for a lot of our research.”

A/Prof Coote then discusses recent innovations in glaucoma surgery such as the Australian Xen implant.

Find out more about the research CERA is doing in glaucoma and the work we are doing in clinical trails.

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