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INSIGHT Research #5: Prof Guymer talks to A/Prof Chi Luu on new ways of monitoring AMD progress

Monitoring the disease progression in age-related macular degeneration in patients (AMD) is extremely difficult.

A/Prof Chi Luu’s work is focusing on the search for a robust marker that will reveal the disease progression of at the early stages of AMD. Such a marker is “desperately needed for evaluating novel treatments which aim at preventing or slowing the disease process”, says Prof Guymer in her short discussion with A/Prof Luu.

Difficulties with night vision is a very common symptom in patients with AMD. The most reliable way to test eye rod function (for night vision) is a dark adaptation test which involves shining a bright light into the eye and measuring the time it takes for the eye to adjust in the dark.

A/Prof Luu is using an Australian developed technology and approach to detect the earliest stages of the disease, and the hope is that changes in eye rod sensitivity at multiple locations in the retina will be detected within a year