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Imagine a world where you could replace an abnormal gene in a patient with an inherited retinal disorder and not only slow the progression of their vision loss but potentially restore some of their sight.

This revolutionary technique is called retinal gene therapy, and it’s a key focus of CERA’s research. Importantly, this treatment could be available to patients in the next decade if CERA’s promising laboratory results lead to a clinical trial.

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Dr Thomas Edwards leads CERA’s research into retinal gene therapy. After completing a prestigious Oxford Nuffield Medical Fellowship at the University of Oxford – a world-leading centre for gene therapy – he’s returned to Australia to apply his expertise at CERA.

Dr Edwards brings the unique perspective of a clinician-scientist, able to combine his research skills with his clinical knowledge as an ophthalmologist to develop new treatments for inherited retinal disorders.

Image of Dr Thomas Edwards

Dr Thomas Edwards

“Until we started investigating gene therapy, progressive and irreversible vision loss was inevitable for people with inherited retinal degeneration,” said Dr Edwards.

“Now, there’s hope of treatment for the patients I see in my clinical practice and the thousands of other Australians with these diseases. That is an inspiring vision to work towards.”

Dr Edwards and his team have the potential to transform the lives of people with inherited retinal disorders – but they can’t do it alone.

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