Vision Expo 2023 – Stand 4

Ophthalmic epidemiology

About our research

Our research is trialling the use of artificial intelligence-based eye scans to detect conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

We are testing a fully automated system of retinal imaging and grading which would decrease dependence on technicians and eye care professionals.

Our aim is to increase access to eye scanning in remote locations and in primary health settings, where a trained eye care professional may not be available.

Utilising the eye as a window to the rest of the body, we are also investigating the use of retinal scans to measure risk of cardiovascular disease and brain conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

We’re also leading an NHMRC-funded project, developing a program to measure the biological ageing process through a simple eye scan.

What you’ll see

Take a look at our Mediworks camera and watch us demonstrate how it may be used for eye tests in the the future. Learn about the potential of retinal scans to highlight the difference between chronological age and biological age.

Please note: We are unable to perform eye tests during the event, but we are happy to demonstrate its use and talk about how it works.

Talk to us about

  • The potential of artificial intelligence to increase access to eye scanning and prevent vision loss.
  • The role of the eye as a window to the body and brain.
  • How identifying people with a faster pace of ageing can help promote lifestyle changes and better management of chronic diseases.