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Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: from data to algorithm and real-world application

This research position is open to expressions of interest from PhD or MPhil students.

Supervisor: Professor Mingguang He
Email: [email protected]
Suitable for: PhD or MPhil


Funded by a NHMRC Investigator Grant from 2020-2025, this project aims to further evolve artificial intelligence technology to develop and validate a clinical decision system that can predict disease outcomes and prognosis, as well as help clinicians decide on treatment options, based on real-world multi-modality clinical data.

In this project, Professor He will conduct a data linkage project to establish a cohort of people with ocular imaging data by retrieving historic clinical records from eye care service providers and then link these people with Medicare claim and hospitalisation data through AIHW.

This unique cohort will help develop algorithms using ocular imaging as biomarkers for systemic disease prediction. Using the latest AI technology, a Smart Clinical Query System will be developed as a tool to answer open questions that clinicians may ask in clinical practice.

Initially, this system will take one disease domain, for example glaucoma, and will then be further expanded to other diseases using the same framework and strategies when validation is proven. The system will be validated in ophthalmology clinical practice settings to assess clinical accuracy, reproducibility against eye specialists, as well as the real-world impact and cost-effectiveness by comparing with conventional clinical management decisions.

To learn more or apply for this opportunity, please email Professor Mingguang He at [email protected]


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