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Improved early diagnosis of eye diseases by integration of retinal photography and artificial intelligence to build an opportunistic screening service in metro, regional and remote primary care settings

This research position is open to expressions of interest from PhD or MPhil students.

Supervisor: Professor Mingguang He
Email: [email protected]
Suitable for: PhD or MPhil


Funded by an NHMRC Partnership Grant, this project will be based on Professor He’s current AI-based fundus image diagnosis system, a do-it-yourself (DIY) screening system that is less dependent on technicians for image acquisition, and less dependent on eye care professionals in the interpretation of clinical images.

The aim of the study is to understand the needs, develop the prototype and evaluate the usability of this DIY system, in real-world clinical setting of GP and endocrinology clinics and Aboriginal Medical Services.

This DIY screening system is anticipated to allow non-eye professionals to perform eye disease screening that would improve acceptability, accuracy, accessibility and cost-efficiency of eye care delivery.

To learn more or apply for this opportunity, please email Professor Mingguang He at [email protected]


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