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Taking the “Guesswork” Out of Glaucoma Clinical Management with Novel Imaging

This research position is open to expressions of interest from PhD students.

Research Area: Glaucoma, Clinical Biomarkers
Primary Supervisor: Dr Zhichao Wu
Email: [email protected]
Suitable for: PhD


The clinical management of glaucoma seeks to prevent patients from experiencing visual disability from the progressive degeneration of retinal ganglion cells. This task is especially difficult by the lack of effective methods to detect and characterise disease progression accurately and meaningfully.

Current clinical tests are currently so variable that clinicians are often left with a great deal of “guesswork” in the clinical management of glaucoma. Optical coherence tomography is a modern clinical imaging technique that could accurately detect disease progression and predict long-term outcomes, given its ability to non-invasively visualise the retina three-dimensionally at near-cellular resolution. This powerful technology could be exploited to transform the clinical management of glaucoma patients.

This project will involve development of this imaging technique and analytical methods and understanding its relation to patient-reported measures of visual disability to understand the clinical relevance of its results.

To learn more or apply for this opportunity, please email Dr Zhichao Wu at [email protected]


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