Vision Expo 2023 – Stand 18

Clinical Trials Research Centre (CTRC)

About our research

CERA conducts leading clinical trials across a variety of eye conditions, including diabetic eye disease, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, uveitis, inherited retinal diseases as well as other less common eye diseases.

We collaborate with research organisations, universities, pharmaceutical companies and biotech enterprises from around the world. In some local and global trials, we are the lead research team.

We also collaborate with global trials to provide an Australian site.

We are currently building a network of private ophthalmology clinic sites. The Eye Trials Research Network extends our reach in Australia, supporting more patients and including more eye conditions and diseases.

What you’ll see

Meet our trial coordinators and learn more about our our collaborations with industry partners – from large international pharmaceutical companies to small start ups – and investigator-initiated studies. Learn about the role of clinical studies in developing new treatments in an animation from one of our industry partners.

Talk to us about

  • How to collaborate with CERA on a clinical trial.
  • How to register as a research participant.
  • How to refer a patient to a study.
  • Our Eye Trials Research Network.


Who you’ll meet