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Saving sight. Changing lives.

Patient testimonials

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Patient Testimonials

The following testimonials were provided by real patients taking part in our clinical trials. We would like to thank them for sharing their experiences with us.

‘CERA is doing a wonderful job. Words failing me to offer any suggestion, as it is already doing commendable work with utmost devotion’

‘I am very pleased with the treatment and thank you all for saving my right eye’

‘I cannot think of any suggestions on ways you could improve simply because you have the BEST STAFF EVER they are so patient, compassionate, respectful, kind and caring’

‘I don’t know how to beat perfection’

‘I have been very happy attending the trials. I was very nervous in the beginning, but I felt totally at ease with the doctors. I was able to ask questions and they took the time to answer them. I genuinely feel that they are a very dedicated team and I wish them the very best’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was made to feel special and I got to know everyone quite well’

‘Keep up the fight for funding on research from the state/federal members to benefit current and future patient’s quality of life. To quote Shakespeare: – ‘the eyes are the window to your soul’’

‘The treatment has made it possible to see all colours and remove any foggy vision in the left eye’