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Saving sight. Changing lives.

CERA Profile – Dr Eleanor Mitchell

Then: Research Administration Officer (2007 to 2010)

Now: Lecturer at the School of Rural Health at Monash University

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1. Tell us about your current position.

I am a Lecturer at the School of Rural Health at Monash University. My role includes both lecturing and research across a broad range of fields including rural primary health care, clinical and health education research topics.

2. What do you enjoy most about your current job?

The best part of my current roles is the opportunities. As one of only a few researchers in East Gippsland, it is really exciting to be able to work with and to assist health professionals in the region with research that will improve the health and health workforce in Gippsland.

3. How different is the work you are doing today compared to what you were doing at CERA?

The work that I am doing now is completely different, however many of the skills and innovations undertaken at CERA have had an impact on my current role.

4. How has your time at CERA impacted on your career and what you’re working on today?

I think that the biggest way my time at CERA has impacted on my career is through a greater understanding of how a ‘well-oiled academic machine’ should work! I believe that simply the way CERA supported the progression of staff, undertook high-quality teaching and research, while having streamlined administration, committees and management, has taught me a lot about how projects and academic units can and should be run!

5. What work were you doing at CERA?

I was part of Corporate Services where I looked after Grants and Research Administration.

6. Do you have any memorable anecdotes you might be happy to share?

I’m not sure about anecdotes, however the day I remember most at CERA was the announcement of the CCRE. Reading the embargoed email from the NHMRC was a pretty good day, it showed that hard work really does pay off!

7. What advice would you give a young researcher starting at CERA?

Having worked in lots of different academic departments, I’d advise a young researcher to make the most of their time at CERA. The fantastic team of people and the support offered at CERA are truly rare, and the opportunities afforded at CERA are ones that will allow you to maximise your career potential.

8. You have an hour to spend in a bookstore. What section do you make a beeline to?

I currently seem to spend the majority of my time in the children’s section when visiting libraries and bookstores, however my personal preference would be more factual reading, such as biographies or historical literature.

9. How would your [parent; spouse; child] describe you in seven words or less?

Hard-working and caring.