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Saving sight. Changing lives.

CERA Profile – Dr Ryo Kawasaki

Then: Research Fellow, Retinal Vascular Imaging Centre (RetVIC), CCRE Fellow (2008 to 2012)

Now: Assistant Professor at Department of Public Health, Yamagata University

Affiliated with the University of MelbourneUniversity of Melbourne Logo


1. Tell us about your current position.

My primary role is as Assistant Professor at Department of Public Health, Yamagata University. I also spend time as a visiting consultant ophthalmologist at Eguchi Eye Hospital, and a visiting researcher at Osaka Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention.

2. What do you enjoy most about your current job?

Building a new research team from a scratch, meeting people from different backgrounds, and establishing new networks.

3. How different is the work you are doing today compared to that you were doing at CERA?

Quite similar actually, although now most of the people I meet are Japanese.

4. How has your time at CERA impacted on your career and what you’re working on today?

Working at CERA has given me a lot of confidence through my various experiences as an early researcher. Without my days at CERA, I would have had no chance of advancing to my current roles.

5. What work were you doing at CERA?

I was a team member in RetVIC working on various retinal image grading projects.

6. Do you have any memorable anecdotes you might be happy to share?

Bringing my family into work after hours to see my office and ending up getting locked in an elevator. After waiting for a service guy for a half an hour, we decided to escape from the half opened door and climb up to the next floor!

7. What advice would you give a young researcher starting at CERA?

Find a good supervisor, do your job, and try to explain your work to your parents. If they understand it right away, then it will likely be accepted as great work by the rest of the world.

8. You have an hour to spend in a bookstore. What section do you make a beeline to?

Historic car magazines and Science Fiction. The cooking section is also a favourite.

9. How would your [parent; spouse; child] describe you in seven words or less?

My wife describes me as a funny guy, but my kids say I am crazy.