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Health care providers

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Safe and effective corneal transplantation depends on the skill and expertise of health professionals in providing timely and thorough referrals of potential eye donors to the Donation Service. Through this process you are directly involved in restoring sight to people across Australia and New Zealand.

The Hospital Referral Flowsheet is a generic document that provides step-by-step assistance on

  1. Identifying a Potential Donor
  2. Taking consent for donation and providing information to the next of kin
  3. Some of the logistics around the actual surgical component of the donation

The Next of Kin Information and Consent Form provides written information for the next of kin in regard to donation and a form to record the consent to donation.

The Eye Donor Referral Form is a worksheet that Medical/Nursing staff may wish to use to gather (or think about) the type of information that the Eye Donation Service will require.

The Designated Officer Form is provided to record the Hospital’s Designated Officer’s approval of the Donation.

The Brief Contraindications to Donate  is a more detailed listing of those conditions that contraindicate the use of corneas for transplantation.