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Asia Pacific Research Accelerator (APRA) Partner Hospital Assessment Visit

The Asia Pacific Research Accelerator (APRA) operations team and CERA researchers visited five APRA partner hospitals in China in September and October 2016 to assess the hospitals’ research infrastructure and explore the opportunities for collaborative research with CERA. The assessor team included Prof He and Dr Mueller, together with Prof Dusting, CERA’s Executive Director of Research, and Dr Helen Ormandy, Head of Clinical Operations at CERA. Through group and individual interviews, observation and site visits, the team reviewed and evaluated every aspect of the hospital’s research, including research ethics, research management and coordination policies, funding, biostatistics, faculty development, and data management. The findings of the assessment will contribute to identifying the area of future collaborative research between the hospital and CERA tailoring the work plan for each hospital.

Learn more about the work of the WHO Collaborating Centre team and the APRA project here.



Professor Dusting and Professor He presenting to the group



Dr Andreas Mueller and Dr Helen Ormandy meeting with the hospital teams



Dr Andreas Mueller, Dr Helen Ormandy meeting with the hospital teams