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Glaucoma Outcome Measure for Cost-Effectiveness and Quality-of-Life Evaluations

Research Area: Glaucoma, Health Economics, Quality of Life

Supervisors: Dr Zhichao Wu, A/Prof Gang Chen, Dr Simon Skalicky

Emails: wu.z@unimelb.edu.au or gang.chen@monash.edu

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness and poses a significant economic burden worldwide. There is an urgent need to identify the most relevant and cost-effective strategies for managing this condition, and quality of life and health status instruments are typically used to characterise the impact of a disease and guide health policies for its management. However, there is a lack of effective tools for capturing the multidimensional impact of glaucoma and its treatments, making it difficult to accurately ascertain the cost-effectiveness of current or potentially new management strategies. As a result of work done at CERA, Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Flinders University, a novel computer adaptive testing-based method is being developed for enabling a comprehensive characterisation of quality-of-life in glaucoma patients.

This project thus seeks to validate the performance of this novel approach and develop a method to convert its results into quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs), a generic measure of health outcome that can be used in economic evaluations to guide public policy decisions. Potential candidates will be jointly supervised by CERA (affiliated with the University of Melbourne) and the Centre for Health Economics (part of Monash University).

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