Associate Professor Wilson Heriot

Principal Investigator, Vitreoretinal Research

Associate Professor Wilson Heriot is a vitreoretinal surgeon and researcher working to improve retinal detachment repair.

Associate Professor Wilson Heriot

Principal Investigator, Vitreoretinal Research


Associate Professor Wilson Heriot is conducting a translational project to bring his method of improved retinal detachment repair into routine clinical care.

This project was awarded a United States Government Congressionally Awarded Grant of $1.48 million and is being conducted in collaboration with researchers in the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, University of Melbourne where he also has an appointment as Associate Professor.

In 2005, A/Prof Heriot developed a simple outpatient procedure called pneumatic displacement for treating macula haemorrhages (a major cause of blindness in AMD) which remains widely used around the world.

He is also investigating methods for clinically detecting the earliest function abnormalities in diabetics which precede changes such as bleeding. It could provide an earlier alarm for patient and their doctors of the need to improve their control and prevent blindness. Part of this project received the BAYER International GOAP award for 2019 with Dr Mali Okada as the principal investigator.

Clinically, A/Prof Heriot is the director of Retinology Institute, a private practice in Glen Iris where he specialises in the treatment and management of medical and surgical retinal disorders.

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