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Saving sight. Changing lives.

WHO Collaborating Centre for the Prevention of Blindness

Affiliated with the University of MelbourneUniversity of Melbourne Logo

CERA is a designated WHO Collaborating Centre for the Prevention of Blindness, the only such centre in Australia. Professor Mingguang He is the Director of the Collaborating Centre and Dr Andreas Mueller is the Deputy Director . The Terms of Reference for the Collaborating Centre are:

  1. To participate actively in the development of activities for the prevention of blindness.
  2. To provide facilities for the training of personnel at different professional levels, especially from developing countries.
  3. To conduct applied field research on the epidemiology, management and operational aspects of avoidable blindness.
  4. To foster a multidisciplinary approach to the promotion of eye health and to the delivery of eye care, including rehabilitation, to all.
  5. To participate in the collection, elaboration and distribution of pertinent information.


To apply evidence through research to improve the effectiveness and the quality of eye care services which are accessible to all.


A world in which nobody is needlessly visually impaired, where those with unavoidable vision loss can achieve their full potential, and where there is universal access to comprehensive eye care service.


Our work contributes directly to the three objectives of the “Universal Eye Health: A Global Action Plan 2015-2019

Objective 1

Evidence generated and used to advocate increased political and financial commitment of Member States for eye health.

Objective 2

National eye health policies, plans and programmes for enhancing universal eye health developed and/or strengthened and implemented in line with WHO’s framework for action for strengthening health systems in order to improve health outcomes.

Objective 3

Multisectoral engagement and effective partnerships for improved eye health strengthened.