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Polyactiva (1b): An Open Label, Comparative, Sequential-dose, Multi-Centre Study Involving Intracameral Administration Of A PA5108 Latanoprost FA SR Ocular Implant Into The Eye Of Patients With Mild-Moderate Glaucoma

This study is an open label, sequential-dose study of PA5108 Latanoprost FA SR ocular implant for mild-moderate glaucoma.


This is a multi-centre, open label, interventional, comparative, phase I study to identify a safe and efficacious dose (within the range of 14.7mcg to 35.5 mcg) of PA5108 (PolyActiva product code) Latanoprost free acid (FA) sustained release (SR) Ocular Implant in adults who have Primary Open Angle Glaucoma.

  • Principal Investigator
Professor Keith Martin

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