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CERA invites people living with inherited retinal diseases (and their parents or guardians) to share their views and opinions about new potential gene therapy treatments.


A world-leading multidisciplinary research project, investigating age-related macular degeneration and the factors that make some people more likely to lose their vision.


In this video, learn about CERA’s research into gene therapies that could halt or even reverse vision loss in patients with conditions such as inherited retinal diseases and glaucoma.

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We conduct world-leading clinical trials for a range of eye conditions.

Learn more about taking part in clinical trials for conditions like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and more.

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Latest News


14 April 2021

Scientists have used a new gene therapy technique to repair damage to nerve cell transport systems that cause vision loss in glaucoma and memory loss in dementia.


24 February 2021

After COVID-19 put an end to last year’s Lions Ride for Sight, veteran cyclist Jim Allen is back on his bike to raise money for vision research in 2021.


22 February 2021

CERA’s new Health Services Research Unit has a mission to eliminate undetected glaucoma in the community and prevent irreversible vision loss.


22 February 2021

Promising results from CERA’s clinical trial investigating the role of vitamin B3 in preventing nerve cell damage from glaucoma has sparked plans for a follow-up study.

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