About us

Our People

From our world-leading scientists to our experienced Board directors, each member of our team is committed to our goal of saving sight and offering hope to people affected by vision loss.


Our leadership team brings together unique expertise across medical research, clinical practice and business management.

They provide strategic direction to guide our mission to conduct eye research with real-life impact.


Our Board directors generously volunteer their time and expertise to help us achieve our goal of a world free from vision loss and blindness.

They contribute a wealth of experience in business, finance, law, science, research and philanthropy. They provide strategic direction and governance, oversee financial and risk management and ensure our organisation remains sustainable and forges partnerships that strengthen our capacity and the impact of our research.

Lead researchers

A team of senior clinician and basic scientists leads our ambitious vision research program.

Working across a diverse range of research areas, our leading scientists are striving to understand the causes of eye disease, improve the diagnosis of treatment of disease, prevent vision loss and restore sight.


Our honorary researchers play a critical role in advancing CERA’s research efforts and helping us work towards our mission of saving sight.

We value their contributions as partners in research and clinical practice, in training and mentoring students, and in generously sharing their knowledge, technology and experience to further vision research.