Our people


Our honorary researchers play a critical role in advancing CERA’s research efforts and helping us work towards our vision of world free from vision loss and blindness.

We value their contributions as partners in research and clinical practice, in training and mentoring students, and in generously sharing their knowledge, technology and experience to further vision research.

Honorary researchers


Peter Larsen

BSC (Optometry)

Peter Larsen is Honorary Principal Investigator of CERA’s Health Services Research Unit and provides consulting services to various health care industry partners.

An experienced leader in allied health consolidation and operation. Instrumental in bringing Specsavers to Australia in 2007 and Managing Director through the growth phase of the business until 2012 when he crossed over to lead the professional side of the business.
In developing and implementing a systematic model for outcome lead eye care across Australian and New Zealand markets he has demonstrated a methodology to uniquely deepen relationships with Private Health Insurance, NGOs and Government. Targeted use of advanced diagnostic technology as part of the standard eye test, collaboration on and adherence to RANZCO patient referral pathways combined with individual professional benchmark reporting on customer centric clinical and commercial outcomes has significantly impacted eye disease detection, recruitment and retention of team members, a brand transformation and the commercial returns of the business.
A board member of CERA from 2012 to 2019, he has worked closely on the seeding of the industry inclusive Oculo referral platform and other key health initiatives most significantly the Keepsight initiative, a national diabetes eye screening program. In 2019 he was invited to take on the role of Group Eye Health Strategy Director across all ten Specsavers markets, based in the UK continuing in that position until October 2020 when he moved into a new consulting role.

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