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With your support, there’s hope in sight. Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue world-leading vision research to find ways to prevent people from going blind.

Donate today to make a real difference to people affected by vision loss and blindness through eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), inherited retinal diseases (IRDs), cataracts, diabetic eye disease and more.

Vision is precious and no one should ever lose the gift of sight.


We are committed to conducting eye research with real-life impact. Every donation, no matter how large or small, helps us bring hope to people affected by vision loss, now and in the future.


With your donation we can

Advance our research to achieve better treatments and faster diagnosis of eye disease
Work towards scientific breakthroughs to prevent blindness – and ultimately, find cures to restore sight
Conduct world-leading clinical trials
Purchase laboratory equipment that enables our medical research

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“Research to promote cures is so important. If a cure came along tomorrow, it would significantly improve my life.”

Robert Kerr, age-related macular degeneration patient

Become a Sight Saver with monthly giving

Making regular donations is one of the most powerful and effective ways to give.

Through monthly donations, our Sight Savers provide CERA with an ongoing and reliable income so researchers can plan, safe in the knowledge they have secure funding to complete their work. Monthly giving also reduces our processing costs, which means your gift goes further.

Any amount you choose to donate monthly will make a real difference to the lives of people with eye disease.

Support our work

Your donation will directly contribute to world-leading research that improves the lives of people living with eye disease. Read some of their stories here.

Support our work

Participate in a community fun run, hold a Facebook fundraiser, or get involved with the annual Lions Ride for Sight – the fundraising possibilities are endless.

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Leave a gift in your will

By including a gift in your will, your support for new medical discoveries to treat and cure eye diseases can continue.

Whatever gift you can afford, we will make sure to spend it wisely on research projects that will have the greatest impact on eye health in the future.

Become a major donor

Becoming a major donor offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to make a real difference to people suffering from eye diseases.

By choosing to support the Centre for Eye Research Australia, together we can drive and accelerate the medical breakthroughs that will help to eliminate vision loss and blindness.

For more information about supporting our work, please email us or call 1300 737 757 to speak with a member of the Philanthropy & Fundraising Team.