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The Lions Eye Donation Service

The Lions Eye Donation Service is one of Australia’s largest providers of donated eye tissue for transplant and medical research.

It has historical associations with the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Lions Foundations Inc (and its predecessors) and has now evolved into a joint venture between CERA and the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. It continues to receive philanthropic support from the Lions Club of Victoria.

For someone with a damaged cornea, a corneal transplant is often their last hope of restoring vision. This sight-saving operation is only possible because someone chose to donate their cornea after their death.


The Lions Eye Donation Service is an eye bank, based at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. It establishes consent for donation, coordinates and performs donation surgery, and then evaluates and distributes donated corneas and other eye tissue.

About us

Since 1991, the Lions Eye Donation Service has performed more than 7000 corneal donations. It has also provided eye tissue for over 15 000 transplants.

Learn more about the eye bank

An overview of what the Lions Eye Donation Service does, and how we do it.

For donors and families

If you want to learn more about becoming an eye donor, the following information provides answers to some common questions.

Why become an eye donor?

You can give someone the precious gift of sight or help with important medical research.

How to register as an eye donor

It only takes a few simple steps to register your wishes to become an eye donor after you pass away.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions about eye donation and how it works.

For transplant recipients

Corneal transplants – what you need to know

A guide to corneal transplant surgery, from preparation to recovery.

For healthcare practitioners

Resources for healthcare practitioners

Downloadable forms and information for identifying and referring a potential eye donor.

You can contact the Lions Eye Donation Service 24 hours a day by calling the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital on (03) 9929 8666. Or, you can email us.