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Our Board directors generously volunteer their time and expertise to help us achieve our goal of a world free from vision loss and blindness. They contribute a wealth of experience in business, finance, law, science, research and philanthropy.

Our Board directors

Our Board’s commitment to diversity

CERA’s commitment to an inclusive and diverse workforce is critical to delivering the world-class research needed to eliminate diseases that cause vision loss and blindness and reduce their impact on people’s lives.

This commitment starts with our Board, which sets the ‘tone from the top’ for the rest of the CERA and ensures that a commitment to diversity is embedded into the process for nominating and appointing Directors.

At the heart of our commitment is the acknowledgment that an independent, transparent, flexible and diverse Board will provide the best possible governance for CERA. It will also nurture a culture that drives creativity, innovation, greater opportunities for growth and better decision making at all levels of the organisation.

We acknowledge that the diversity of our Board is critical in leading our work to tackle the systemic biases which impede the progress of under-represented groups in science and medical research. Our Diversity Statement reflects our commitment to equality and to deepening our impact by reflecting the communities we serve.

Our Nominations and Remuneration Committee will embed this Diversity Statement in the process of appointing Board Directors to CERA. Committee members will ensure our Board membership has diversity in culture, race, age, gender, education and professional background.

The annual performance evaluation our Board and Committee will include an assessment of diversity.

By ensuring CERA’s Board membership is diverse and offers a range of perspectives, we will foster a culture that continuously strives to fulfil our vision, mission, and our values of Integrity, Unity, Agility and Making a Difference.

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The Centre for Eye Research Australia is a company limited by guarantee, governed by a Board of Directors. The Company has seven members: