2022 Supporter Survey results

Learn what matters most to our passionate community of supporters and what sparks their interest in vision research.


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CERA’s generous community of supporters have spoken out about their passion for eye research in the findings of our latest Supporter Survey.

Gifts in Wills Lead Bron Sugden thanked the 667 people who responded to the 2022 survey.

“Your insights will be invaluable in helping us provide timely, relevant information to our supporters in a range of ways that suit them,’’ she says.

“Many of you are passionate about supporting eye research because of a personal experience with the disease.

“Feedback from the survey will ensure we keep you up to date with the latest in eye research and the impact your support makes.’’

An infographic of the survey results, duplicating information in the article

Survey results

Personal experience continued to be an important motivator for those supporting research.

And with more than 85 per cent of survey recipients indicating they are over 55 – including 53 per cent who are 74 or older – there is a strong interest in eye diseases that affect older people.

Like our previous survey in 2019, glaucoma (48 per cent) and age-related macular degeneration (44 per cent) continued to be the two eye diseases of most interest to our supporters.

There was also strong interest in cataracts (25 per cent) and diabetic eye disease (17 per cent).

The percentage of participants interested in inherited retinal disease (19 per cent), which typically starts at a younger age, more than doubled since 2019.

The survey demonstrated our donors’ strong commitment to continuing to support CERA, with more than two thirds indicating they were very likely or extremely likely to donate again.

Almost 80 per cent said it was easy or very easy to donate to CERA.

While 28 per cent said their donation made “a great deal” or “a lot” of difference to eye research, Bron stresses that even smaller donations make a significant impact over the longer term.

“Every donation adds to the one before, and contributes to the one after. What may seem small at the time, increases exponentially.

“Please know your donation will make a significant impact on the lives of those who will benefit from our research.

“We are particularly grateful to those supporters who requested information on giving monthly by becoming a CERA Luminary

“We are also honoured that many of you have indicated you will leave a gift in your will to CERA.”

While we recently welcomed supporters back for our first in-person community forum in over two years – it’s clear the pandemic has changed the way supporters want to receive information.

While most people favoured in-person events, or a mixture of in person and online, 29 per cent said they preferred to attend online events.

The vast majority (71 per cent) said these events should focus on ‘learning about the latest in eye research’, while 42 per cent wanted ‘information on keeping your eyes healthy’.

“We are extremely humbled by the many kind comments we received and appreciate the ongoing support of our donors,” says Bron.

“We could not do our research without them.”

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