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A million tiny nerves connect the eye to the brain, delicate fibres bringing light and colour to the mind to form an image.

In glaucoma, those delicate fibres that form the optic nerve become damaged over time.

Our goal is to understand how this happens, how we can prevent it, and to find new treatments that can help to maintain or recover healthy vision.

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Spotlight on glaucoma

We know that glaucoma is one of the eye conditions that worries our supporters the most.

At least 1 in 50 Australians will develop glaucoma, which remains the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide.

Glaucoma causes gradual loss of sight, usually affecting peripheral vision first in a way that people may not notice until significant damage has already been done.

So, how will your donation today make a difference for people with glaucoma?

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From everyone at CERA, we are truly grateful for your support of research with real-life impact.

Every donation, whatever the size, brings our researchers closer to discoveries that increase the success of glaucoma treatments and help preserve sight for many Australians.

Thank you for helping us bring hope to people affected by vision loss and blindness.