AMD Appeal

Will you help us to map out macular research?

We’re leading the expedition to explore age-related macular degeneration.

The macula may be tiny, at just 6mm, but this little patch is responsible for the vision that allows us to read, write, drive – even recognise the faces of our loved ones.

With age, the macula begins to change, and we’re closer than ever to understanding how and why.

Will you help us to resource the next phase of our exploration?

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With your support, there’s hope in sight. Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue world-leading vision research to find ways to prevent people from going blind.

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Leading the way

Research is a steady, methodical process, with each step we take potentially opening up new avenues of exploration.

Our incredible researchers are blazing new paths that range from understanding basic mechanisms to full genomic mapping.

We’ve compiled huge amounts of data that can inform future treatments for AMD, from extensive family histories to image banks that can be analysed by world-leading scientists – even Artificial Intelligence technology.

Thank you for supporting our AMD Appeal

From everyone at CERA, we are truly grateful for your support of research with real-life impact.

Every donation, whatever the size, brings our researchers closer to discoveries that increase the success of AMD treatments and help preserve sight for many Australians.

Thank you for helping us bring hope to people affected by vision loss and blindness.