Vision Expo 2024 – Stand 18

Bionic eye

About our research

The bionic eye team at CERA is part of a national collaboration that has developed a next-generation bionic eye implant that gives patients with inherited retinal disease (IRD) a ‘sense of sight’ – lights and flashes that help them locate objects and navigate spaces independently. The bionic eye has been successfully implanted in seven patients, and the team is now working towards commercialisation of the device.

What you’ll see

Using a virtual reality headset, you’ll be able to simulate the artificial vision experienced by bionic eye recipients. You can also watch a video on how the bionic eye is used in real-world and laboratory settings.

Talk to us about

  • How does the bionic eye work and who is it useful for?
  • How is the technology evolving and how can visual outcomes be improved?
  • What are the advantages of the Australian bionic eye device over international competitors?