CERA shines at the Department of Surgery Research Showcase

Congratulations to CERA researchers Dr Grace Lidgerwood and Dr Felicia Widyaputri on winning presentations at the Department of Surgery Research Showcase 2018 at the University of Melbourne.


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Dr Lidgerwood, who graduated with her PhD in April this year, won the early/mid-career researcher prize for her presentation on her research investigating the causes of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Working in CERA’s Neuroregeneration laboratory, Dr Lidgerwood uses adult skin samples to develop the earliest form of stem cells – known as pluripotent stem cells – which are then grown into eye and brain cells. 

Comparing samples taken from a group of early onset Alzheimer’s patients with a group of healthy people – she is examining the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques on the retina cells to help determine the progression of the disease.

Dr Widyaputri won the prize for best PhD presentation for her research to improve the eye care of diabetic women during pregnancy.  Her PhD aims to determine the number of pregnant women affected by diabetic retinopathy, one of the leading causes of adult blindness.  She is also testing a new imaging technique that is safe to perform in pregnancy to track the progression of the disease and prevent blindness.

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