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Supporting glaucoma research: the Kimberley family

CERA is incredibly grateful for the support of the Kimberley Family Foundation, which has donated $1 million to glaucoma research.


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A meeting with CERA’s former Managing Director Professor Jonathan Crowston sparked Connie and Craig Kimberley’s enthusiasm for CERA’s research.

Here, Connie and Craig met a passionate group of CERA researchers investigating the causes of eye diseases and new treatments.

“We were absolutely blown away by the young people and the commitment they had to eye research. We were so impressed that we sat down and worked out what we could do to help,” says Craig. “They left an incredible impression on us.”

“CERA’s current Managing Director, Professor Keith Martin, is equally outstanding. He’s been a continuation of the dedication we saw in Jonathan and his team,” says Connie.

The Kimberley family founded Just Jeans and has been involved in the clothing and textile industry for over 60 years. Connie has a background and training in the arts. In 2010, they established the Kimberley Family Foundation as a way to support philanthropic causes.

“We’ve been fortunate in our business life and, in turn, we want to give back to the community,” says Craig.

CERA is incredibly grateful for the support of the Kimberley Family Foundation, which has donated $1 million to CERA’s glaucoma research.

The Kimberleys’ generous gift has enabled CERA to lead a world-first clinical trial showing the important role vitamin B3 could play in protecting against blindness in glaucoma.

This research is particularly close to the couple’s heart as Connie herself was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma several years ago.

“It’s totally life-changing,” says Connie.

The couple currently own and operate the Historic Village Herberton in Far North Queensland, which they describe as “a great passion”. They also enjoy being involved in the National Gallery of Victoria, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Heide Museum of Modern Art and Very Special Kids.

They support medical research to create a brighter future for the community and generations to come.

“People need to fund research,” says Connie.

“The team at CERA are wonderful people and we’ve felt privileged to be a small part.”

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