Vision Expo 2023 – Stand 17

Lions Eye Donation Service (LEDS)

About our research

For 30 years,  the Lions Eye Donation Service (LEDS) has restored the vision of thousands of Australians and New Zealanders, through the gift of end-of-life eye donations from generous Victorians and their families.

These donations have provided sight-restoring transplants to corneal and glaucoma patients, and those with ocular surface injury.

LEDS also allocates eye tissue for research and training which helps vision researchers at CERA and beyond to understand the eye and eye conditions, and develop new treatments and future solutions.

What you’ll see

You’ll meet our dedicated team who work with donors and their families to bring their gift of donation to waiting recipients.

Talk to us about

  • Becoming an eye donor and how to register your interest.
  • Our work to restore sight in Australia and internationally, and how our team is supporting researchers to prevent eye conditions and develop new treatment.

Who you’ll meet