Vision Expo 2024 – Stand 9

Macular research

About our research

The Macular Research Unit seeks to understand the cause of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and how to treat it to preserve vision. We study the clinical disease to understand how it appears in the living eye so that we can quickly translate findings into health settings.

What you’ll see

Our display shows you how wet AMD symptoms affect sight and how vision can deteriorate if it is not treated. You can also pick up an Amsler grid to monitor changes in your vision at home and talk to us about current studies that need participants with AMD.

Talk to us about

  • The need to study more people with the early stages of AMD to better understand the natural history of the disease
  • How we are gaining a better understanding of who is at higher risk of vision loss by looking at the function of the retina and how the images we take of the retina change over time
  • How we are using short pulse lasers to try and slow the progression of AMD.