Dr Karl David Brown

Research Fellow, Corneal Research

Dr Karl David Brown is a research scientist working to develop engineered tissues and cell therapies to treat blinding corneal disease.

Dr Karl David Brown

Research Fellow, Corneal Research

BSc, MPhil, PhD

Dr Karl David Brown’s research endeavours to develop tissue-engineered and cell therapy treatments to replace corneal transplants, thereby overcoming issues of supply, rejection, and the need for immunosuppression.

He was awarded a PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2015 for his thesis entitled “Improved corneal tissue-engineering”. In 2020 he was awarded a DHB Foundation Fellowship.

Dr Brown is the chief laboratory scientist for an ongoing Australian clinical pilot study of the use of cultivated limbal epithelium, an adult stem cell therapy for severe non-healing corneal epithelial defects. He is the chief cell biologist in a collaboration to develop a tissue engineered corneal endothelium for clinical use.

Dr Brown is a polished communicator. He has given five international invited talks.

He has won six conference presentation prizes including the Best Oral Free Paper (Anterior Segment) 28th Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress Hyderabad India. His work on tissue engineering and cell therapies for the cornea has also attracted media attention including radio and newspapers.

Current projects

Selected publications

Key collaborators

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Current projects

  • Developing a tissue engineered equivalent to the donor tissue lenticule currently used for endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK), ‘suture-less corneal transplant’
  • Investigating the use of induced pluripotent stem cells to treat corneal endothelial disease
  • Developing a new donor tissue delivery device to improve endothelial keratoplasty

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