Dr Xavier Hadoux

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ophthalmic Neuroscience

Dr Xavier Hadoux is investigating how the interaction between light and retinal tissue can serve as clinical biomarkers, using novel technology such as hyperspectral imaging.

Dr Xavier Hadoux

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ophthalmic Neuroscience

BSc MSc Meng PhD

Dr Xavier Hadoux is Senior Postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for eye Research Australia (CERA) and the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Enlighten Imaging Pty Ltd.

Dr Hadoux completed his PhD in data science at Montpellier University (France) in 2014. He holds both a Master of Science and a Master of Engineering from Grande Ecole in Nancy, France.

Since 2015, he has applied his engineering, physics and data science knowledge to medical device development and the detection of novel biomarker for eye and brain diseases.

Dr Hadoux has published 19 papers and is first author of a paper reporting the first in-vivo retinal biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease. He is the lead inventor of a system and method for biomarker detection from retinal hyperspectral images.

Dr Hadoux is a co-recipient of competitive commercialisation grant funding for novel retinal hyperspectral camera development. He and the team are developing a novel low-cost hyperspectral imaging system for clinical translation together with a medical product manufacturing partner.

Dr Hadoux co-developed the cross-modality annotation tool (XMAS) for advanced annotation of retinal images simultaneously on multiple modalities to streamline development of AI training datasets in ophthalmology.

Key research questions
  • Can the retina be used as a biomarker for Alzheimer disease detection and screening?
  • Can retinal hyperspectral imaging provide new biomarkers of various eye disease?
  • Determine whether hyperspectral imaging biomarker can be translated to the clinic?
  • How a multi-modality approach in combination with deep learning algorithm can be used for advanced biomarker detection?

Current projects

Selected publications

My team

Key collaborators

Funding and support

Current projects

  • Low cost hyperspectral camera prototyping from benchtop to clinic
  • Cross-modality retinal image annotation software to enable AI data analytics
  • Hyperspectral biomarker discovery for eye and brain diseases

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