Science and Research

Uveitis research

Our researchers are devoted to investigating new treatments for this painful and blinding inflammatory eye condition, as well as advancing our scientific understanding of its causes and prognosis.


We work collaboratively on a number of international clinical trials, investigating new treatments for non-infectious uveitis in children and adults, and determining the best treatment for certain forms or complications of uveitis. We also have national and international research collaborations that strive to advance our scientific understanding of the cause or prognosis of specific forms of uveitis.

Why this research is important

Uveitis is one of the top five causes of irreversible blindness in Australia. Unlike other causes of blindness, this condition tends to affect children and people of working age, and therefore has a much higher socio-economic impact.

Unfortunately, current uveitis treatments have significant side effects and are not 100% effective. Our research is aimed at finding better treatments, and thereby saving sight.

Key research questions

  • Can we find new treatments for non-infectious uveitis that are better tolerated and more effective than those currently available?
  • How can we gain a better understanding of the causes and risk factors for the development and progression of uveitis?