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The CERA Tax Appeal: There is hope in sight

Your donation by 30 June is urgently needed to help our brilliant team of researchers find new treatments for those affected by age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – and give people like Win more moments with the ones they love.


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25 May 2021

I recently wrote about Win, a retired primary school teacher and mother of three who was diagnosed with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – a condition that meant Win would slowly lose her sight and one day go blind.

Despite everything, Win’s resilience and optimism was inspiring. Many of you thought so, too. Your kind words and generous donations were overwhelming, and I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for your exceptional support.

Help us help people like Win.

If you have yet to donate, please know there is still time. Any size financial gift by 30 June will empower our team of remarkable researchers to find new and effective ways to treat AMD and prevent its progression.

Win’s father and four of his siblings all had AMD. Back then, there was no cure and certainly no effective treatment.

Her son, Nick, recalls watching his grandfather’s sight deteriorate.

“My grandfather was the Head Confectioner at Cadburys and each year he used to make hand-decorated Easter eggs with flowers, animals and our names. I was always so proud seeing my name, but over the years as his sight deteriorated his piping skills were the same as eight year old son.”

The older Nick gets, the more he feels an inevitability that he too will be diagnosed with AMD.

“Losing my sight is a really scary thought but I’m confident we’ll see significant improvements come from research. I hope that by the time my children turn 50, treatment for AMD will be straight-forward and available to everyone.”

It’s a hope shared by many, especially Win. And it’s one of the reasons she is so passionate about supporting world-class research. In fact, she will soon take part in a clinical trial that could bring about new breakthroughs and slow the progression of her AMD.

“It’s incredible how far AMD research has come since my father was first diagnosed. It continues to amaze me, and now I get the benefit. How good is that?”

Please, if you can give a gift by 30 June we can support our team of brilliant researchers as they work to uncover new discoveries about AMD – discoveries that could one day save the sight of people like Win.

Deputy Director and Head of Macular Research at CERA, Professor Robyn Guymer AM, says a diagnosis of AMD was once similar to telling someone they had an incurable disease.

“We had nothing to offer them. No way to slow down a patient’s vision loss. Many people experienced fear and worry, which impacted on their health and quality of life. Since then we’ve achieved many firsts in the world with amazing results.”

You already know that every new treatment has come from a robust clinical trial process. They are absolutely critical to turning groundbreaking discoveries made in the lab into real treatments as quickly as possible.

And it’s your support that makes this happen, every single day.

The achievements we have made since opening our doors in 1996 – thanks largely to the wonderful support from people like you – is nothing short of remarkable. Right now, Prof Guymer and a team of researchers are working to revolutionise how AMD is diagnosed, monitored and treated.

Robyn Guymer and her team.

But we cannot do it alone. By donating you’ll put hope in sight by supporting world-class research and clinical trials that are absolutely critical to preventing vision loss and restoring sight.

Thank you once again for your generous support.

Warm regards,

Professor Keith Martin


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Managing Director

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